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"A single device to go from planning to camping day.
Have a more fun time outdoors." Using the SMART UNIT RECEIVER for Camping

We should go camping!" This device serves as your go-to assistant for the moment thoughts like that pop up. Plan things like location and navigation to your destination, check how to set up tents and cook by watching videos, play music in the background, and post your memories to social media. The fun multiplies with just one device.

Timeline A timeline with the SMART UNIT RECEIVER


Planning a camping trip

Check the weather forecast, and if you decide you want to go camping, message a partner or friends though a chat app. Decide on plans and a camp site with everyone, and attach the Smart Unit Receiver to your car to get going.


Driving to the campsite

Launch navigation to drive to the campsite straight from the campsite address sent via chat. The SMART UNIT RECEIVER is resistant to harsh temperatures and vibration, so it's safe to use even on rough terrain. Park right next to tarps using the backup camera.


Setting up tents

For camp prep, detach the SMART UNIT RECEIVER to use it as a tablet. Watch tutorial videos on how to put together tents and more. Get more enjoyment than ever out of camping by working together.


Cooking at the campsite

Cooking is where the real fun of camping comes in. Use the SMART UNIT RECEIVER and view recipe sites while cooking with friends and family outdoors.


Listening to music and relaxing

After it gets dark, use the car's speakers to listen to some music. Choose songs on streaming apps with the SMART UNIT RECEIVER. Calming music, a warm fire, and conversation all make for a relaxing night.


Posting to social media

Once you retreat to your tent, open up social media apps on the SMART UNIT RECEIVER. Share the day's memories, interact with friends, and enjoy your private time.

Contents Uses for the SMART UNIT RECEIVER

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    #2 - Business -

    Check mail or work on presentations while traveling or at lodgings. The SMART UNIT RECEIVER aids businesspeople fully throughout the day, from conducting routine work to going on business trips. Recommended for improving efficiency and working with clients face to face.

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    #3 - Parenting -

    When kids start getting fussy, this one device is here to help. The SMART UNIT RECEIVER plays a big role in appeasing bored or restless children. When used as a monitor to display backup camera video, it helps to make parking safe. Bring along outside the car to eliminate boredom while shopping.

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    The Smart Unit Receiver can be a receiver or tablet, meaning it can be used as a single smart device for any purpose. Take it wherever you like, whenever you like, for near infinite possibilities.